CUSTOM VDAY (or anti vday) MEMES

We will create custom vday or anti vday memes for you! 

Far often than not, every February 14th is spent by people avoiding contact with one another, in fear of rejection. That fear is often due to the fact that people spend most of their time hating the way they look and struggling to come to terms with the fact that they're absolutely hideous. 

Straight up bulldog looking repulsive roadkill looking face. 

But fear not!! According to science, people find humor to be way more attractive than a perfect jawline or delicate facial features. If you find a way to make someone laugh, your chances of banishing your loneliness skyrocket

That's where Elsewhere comes in. For a small price this valentines day, we will make a meme for you about the person you want to crush on, giving you an easy way to slide into the DM's. 

That's it! leave it to us to make them laugh wholeheartedly, and we'll leave it to you to take it to another level with them.

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